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The Pharmacie de Saxe is located in the heart of Paris’ 7th arrondissement, one of the capital city’s most elegant residential districts, close to the Eiffel Tower, the Hôtel des Invalides and the Ecole Militaire. This renowned local institution  dates back to the Belle Epoque and to the reconstruction of the neighbourhood which took place in the years around 1910, and from its very beginning has always borne the name of the (great French military hero) Maréchal de SAXE.

The Pharmacie de Saxe’s central vocation is the pursuit of its long-established role as the neighbourhood pharmacy. A well-known institution in the Parisian 7th arrondissement, it provides customers, whether residential or passing, with expert advice and information on treatment and supplies medical prescriptions.

Based on its long history, scientific expertise and thorough knowledge of France’s territories, it enables – via the PHARMACIE DE SAXE ® concept and product range - the unique world heritage of France’s biodiversity and related know-how in cosmetics and parapharmaceutical products to be made known to a wider public.


The PHARMACIE de SAXE ® offers a range of cosmetic and parapharmaceutical products which are the fruit of the exceptional biodiversity of France’s territories and the best scientific and technical knowledge that has enabled the development of this wealth of natural resources over the centuries. Alongside products rigorously selected from the best French laboratories, the PHARMACIE de SAXE® produces and sells an exclusive range which benefits at once from the very best French regional know-how applied to beauty and body care, the scientific expertise of its teams and sophisticated product presentation, inspired by a powerful and yet delicate age which, from the 18th century until today, associates the Maréchal de SAXE with a certain vision of FRANCE. Our products appeal to discerning customers seeking high quality products, sensitive to their authenticity, and wishing to benefit from the advice and expert knowledge of a team of professionals who are passionate about their job.





After a career as an entrepreneur, consultant and managing executive of a large French industrial group – he was Chief Executive of the PEUGEOT brand – Vincent RAMBAUD, a graduate of France’s prestigious Ecole Polytechnique, brings his scientific, technical, industrial and marketing expertise to the project which he set up and has steered from the outset.


Hugues-Arnaud MAYER

A Doctor in Pharmaceutical Medicine with an MBA from HEC, the former Vice-Chairman of the MEDEF (the French employers’ organisation), in charge of territorial development and innovation is the Pharmacie de Saxe’s licensed pharmacist and brings his two-fold scientific and territorial expertise to the project.


Julie DING

With a passion for the world of beauty and skincare, Julie DING is a specialist in e-commerce and is responsible for the commercial development and marketing of the project.



After a career as an advertising executive and stylist – in particular as Art Director of the Faïenceries de GIEN, Sophie RAMBAUD is in charge of the project’s artistic direction.